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Our story starts where all great romances begin: Philosophy Club Meetup. That's where we met. Our first date was to discuss a book about modern middle eastern history - so much for not discussing politics or religion on a first date. Later, there were trips to  Florida, New Mexico, Vienna, NYC, and the Grand Canyon, skiing in the mountains of Utah and Colorado, lots of book clubs, museum trips with Michael's mom, a downtown apartment, Farsi classes, cycling along the lake, a marriage certificate, and a little canine quarantine companion, Stevie Muslin. Next up: Party. Join us.

Why Child Foundation: We're not accepting gifts; we're very lucky, privileged adults who already have more than we need. But a lot of kids around the world don't. If you'd like to give something, Child Foundation has helped us identify one of those kids who needs your help way more than we need a new blender. You can help ensure Sahar can remain in school.  She wants to become a civil engineer. With your generosity, we can add another female engineer to the world.

~ Shadi & Michael

Update September 2021

Previously, this fundraiser was intended to benefit Sahar who lives in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. With Shadi and Michael's permission, Child Foundation will be applying gifts to this fund toward our Afghan Crisis Fund. We are deeply concerned about students like Sahar and remain committed to her. As the landscape has changed dramatically since the troop exit, Child Foundation will use this fund for much-needed humanitarian aid both in the country and among new refugees in the region. 

Child Foundation's work in Afghanistan has been highlighted by Charity Navigator, the Washington Post, and USA Today

Child Foundation has already distributed $15,000 worth of food to 300 families and we are eager to do more as soon and as safely as we can.

Our first priority is to apply these funds to the needs of vulnerable Afghans including the hundreds of families we have been working with for many years. We know that food and safe shelter are vital and, to maximize our effectiveness, we continue to assess needs as matters change day by day. Our second priority with the fund is to support displaced and refugee Afghans in the region. If we are unable to use apply all of our funds toward these priorities, the resources will go toward other urgently vulnerable children and their families.

Our support is critical in a country devastated by 30 years of violence and yet able to make such phenomenal gains in education. Giving to Afghan children right now is a beautiful show of solidarity with and hope for Afghan youth and the country’s future. 

Shadi and Michael's original intent was to support Sahar. Prior to the crisis in Afghanistan, the below was their goal:

Donations will benefit Sahar, an eight-year-old girl who wants to be an engineer when she grows up. With her parents and six siblings, Sahar lives in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan where it is rare for a girl from an impoverished family like hers to finish high school. Shadi and Michael have generously offered to support her monthly needs to go to school and ask for your help to provide resources she and her family urgently need. You can alleviate the pressure Sahar may feel to ever drop out of school. Sahar's needs are below.

  • School supplies $33

  • Bicycle $78-$111

  • Refrigerator $200

  • Extra food $111

  • Washing machine $111

  • Air conditioner $111

  • Bathroom plumbing $333

Total: $1,010 USD

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And funds donated in excess of her family’s needs this year will be donated to our Sponsorless Children’s Fund.