Soles for Souls

Dear all,

Nowruz (Persian New Year) is right around the corner, and once again, we would like to invite you all to help us give the gift of new shoes to needy kids in Iran. As many of you already know, it is customary to have a new piece of clothing for the New Year. For me that piece of clothing was always shoes. I was lucky enough to have a family who could provide that for me. However, many kids are not as fortunate. I am kindly asking you to help us continue with this tradition and bring smiles to the little ones’ faces.  

This drive basically started as a small friends-and-family fundraiser. We started with a couple hundred pairs. We have continued to grow, and last year, we merged with Child Foundation (a very reputable organization helping kids around the world). I am proud to say we broke our record in 2018 by distributing more than 2,000 pairs of shoes to very needy kids in different regions of Iran in time for Nowruz. Please help us continue growing and helping more families. 

Just like previous years, we are planning to continue working with local shoemakers to keep the costs down and to support local businesses. For your information, Child Foundation has a minimal +/- 6.5% administrative/service fee. Contributions are tax-deductible. We are trying to make this process as transparent as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

I was lucky enough to travel to Iran two years ago and meet some of these struggling families and distribute your gifts to them. It was a humbling experience, seeing the grateful faces of these kids and their thankful families. 

Please continue helping us with this fundraiser.

Love and peace, 

Sepideh Bigdeli-Greene 

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