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"Education is freedom." - Paulo Freire 

Education is one of the most powerful tools to help people find their own freedom. I was amazed by the Child Foundation mission when I found they help underprivileged students stay in school and continue their education to achieve their goals. It is highly fulfilling to help kids pursue their dream.     

For my first marathon, I trained for six months: 112 days, more than 573 miles, and countless hours of effort to be able to run a 26.2 miles marathon in Chicago. It was a pleasant experience, but it left a void in me. Before starting the Chicago Marathon (my first race ever) I realized that most of the runners had purpose. Many of them were running to support a charity, dedicating their race to the memory of a loved one, or raising money for a patient’s surgery.  

I realized I wanted to run for a deeper meaning, and that is why I began this campaign to dedicate my efforts from now until the Dallas Marathon on December 12, 2021 to Child Foundation’s mission. I am raising awareness and funds to knock down the barriers that keep kids from getting a good education in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Tajikistan. 

This marathon is 26.2 miles. Help me raise $26,200. I will run with the name of donors on my gear. 

I hope my running gear runs out of space. I hope I can’t fit every name. 🤞