Help Put the "Thanks” and “Giving" Back in “Thanksgiving”

As we approach Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the things we are thankful for: our health, our loved ones, a roof over our heads, and food on our table. During these moments of ‘ giving’, we should remember those less fortunate living in poverty, dreaming of a safe and warm room or just a few slices of bread for their children’s dinner. 

It is easy to sit back in a comfortable chair and come up with a theoretical solution for the world’s problems, but in reality, we can only make  a difference by taking action.  We need to work hard  for the rights of children to have access to education, help children stay warm in the frigid weather of Mazar-e-Sharif or villages of Kermanshah devastated by the earthquake or help put food on the tables of hundreds of orphan children in Cambodia or Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

This Thanksgiving, we ask you to invite children from around the world to your thanksgiving table by providing them with a decent meal . Open your hearts and share your blessings with those who have nothing to celebrate except your kindness and generosity. Help celebrate your thanks and give back to those who do not have the resources that you are fortunate to have!


This Thanksgiving, celebrate your thanks with  giving!

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