very Thanksgiving we pay special attention to the nutritional and food security needs of our thousands of sponsored students and their families. This year is no different in those kids in Iran, Cambodia, Tajikistan, and Indonesia will be getting extra food support.  

In the U.S., we are also welcoming thousands of Afghans now in the process of resettling. As parolees entering the U.S. not yet with refugee status, they have basic needs gaps that need to be filled. 

So, this Thanksgiving, we aren’t just helping our sponsored students as they grow into scholars. We are working with local partners to give a warm welcome to Afghan families as our new neighbors. It will take years for Afghan families to rebuild their lives and truly settle. We want to get them off to the best possible start at Thanksgiving time with critical resources they need to feel more at home.

Join Child Foundation in delivering resources to thousands of families this season as they work hard to provide for their wonderful children.